I quit my job with one of the largest real estate firms in the world a few years ago to start my own company.Nick

The company amassed a huge audience with approximately 50,000+ readers on a monthly basis, thousands of articles, videos, courses, and podcasts. In less than a year, the business was acquired by a large e-learning company.

Since then I’ve helped real estate firms with digital marketing and sales consulting. I’ve now worked with 112 real estate firms in 4 countries.

Within the last few years alone…

► Founded and managed an real estate career and advice site from scratch and sold the company within 1 year.

► Created the #1 career and advice site for young realtors with over 50,000+ monthly readers/listeners/viewers.

► Helped over 100 real estate firms in 4 countries develop marketing systems for predictable sales growth.

I have lived and worked in New York, Florida, California, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, and Costa Rica.